Two – .5 liters of Pilsner, yes, please.

 Day 7 20.5.10

 Our “hotel” was more a bunch of little apartments/studios, and rooms scattered along Nerudova Street in Mala Strana (Lesser Town).  The vegan breakfast was served in the basement of one of the buildings, a 5 minute walk up a rather steep incline (of course all cobblestone, along with the entire city) that made you earn your breakfast!  After breakfast, we were off and running.  We went up to the castle & Saint Vitus Cathedral.  I’ll let pictures do the talking. 


St. Vitus Cathedral



St. Vitus Cathedral

At around noon, the line to get into the cathedral was long, so we took note of the opening hours and decided to get back there first thing on Friday to go in.   

After spending quite a bit of time up at the castle, we hit up one of the pubs recommended by Scott, a little ways up the hill from our hotel.  There, we tasted our first sips of Pilsner Uruquel.  Have to be honest, the first sip brought me back to high school field keg parties.  BUD!  After a few sips though, it was pretty smooth and tasted better.  Still, it confirmed that Pilsners are not my taste.  But when in Rome…

We had 2-  ½ liters each. 

Pilsner Urquel

Matt had roast pork with bread dumplings and cabbage.  I had a chicken soup and a pretzel.  



We were both feeling quite  “happy” as we left the pub, but eager to head over the Charles again to explore Old Town.  The bridge was crazy during the day!  Full of artisans selling their goods, incredible views, and amazing statues & architecture.  But hold on tight to your bag and don’t lose sight of your company!  All of these things combined give the bridge an incredible energy.  It is no wonder that this bridge is likely the first thing people think of when they think of Prague.

View of the Castle from the Charles Bridge

View of the Castle from the Charles Bridge

Crowds on the bridge

Walkin on the bridge....



Old Town has a very different, but just as good, feel as Mala Strana.  It is a huge square with lots and lots going on.  The square is the home of The Church of Our Lady of Tyn and the The Old Town Hall with the famous astronomical clock.  Again, I can’t try to put into words how amazing the architecture is…so pictures will have to do.

Approaching Old Town!!

Approaching Old Town!!

Astronomical Clock

Powder Tower in Old Town

Powder Tower in Old Town


Old Town...first thing in the morning

We had a lil gelati on our way out of Old Town, a little appetizer before dinner at a hidden gem I happened upon on the internet, the Artisan Restaurant.  Off the beaten path, I sincerely hope more people find this place.  It was A – MA  – ZING!  Great first dinner in Prague!

We had a Cabernet (name in book)

We started the meal with goat cheese and roasted red pepper bruschetta.

Matt had Open face duck ravioli, and I had Chicken Saltimbiocca with pureed sweet potato.  YUM! YUM! YUM!


Duck Ravioli

Chicken Saltimbocca

And…a lil Apple Pie…


That was it for our first full day in Prague!!


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