Interlaken Ost – Interlaken West


Happy Birthday, Mom!

We woke to rain/fog again, so we decided to head down to Interlaken for the day.  As we walked through Murren to get our tram, we saw bits and pieces of the mountains among us, but we decided to go through with our plan and stay longer tomorrow (our last day here), since the forecast was much more promising for that day. 
The train ride from Lauterbrunnen to Interlaken is a 20 minute scenic ride.  When we got off the train, we decided to walk from Interlaken Ost (East) to Interlaken West.  We weren’t totally sold on Interlaken.  The town is very touristy, and there isn’t a great deal of stuff to see (though we probably could have taken a more scenic walk along the water, rather than through the small town). 

There was a nice park/green from which there were some great views.  When the sun managed to poke through between rain showers, we were able to get some great views of the mountains.  Matt took some nice photos. 


 We did learn that most shops/stores are closed on Sundays in Switzerland.  We (eh-hem, Matt) had burnt out our electric converter the night before, so we were luckily able to find one in one of the few open shops. (I should mention here, we also blew up our Ipod speakers while listening to them.  All of a sudden, little clouds of smoke came spitting out of each speaker.  It was actually pretty comical.  No more tunes for us…)

 After a walk from east to west and then back east again, we decided on a small lunch in the Coop’s self-service restaurant.  It reminded me a lot of the restaurant in IKEA.  I had soup (we couldn’t figure out what kind of soup it was – I thought cream of asparagus, Matt thought butternut squash…??? – either way it was very good) and was daring and tried and open-faced sandwich with tomatoes, a slice of hard boiled egg, and asparagus (um, do you think am obsessed with asparagus?  Believe me, if you tried the white asparagus while it was in-season in Switzerland, you would be too.)  One bite confirmed my disliking for mayo.  Ugh.  I thought I could deal with it for the sake of culture, but one bite and I was done.  Matt had a smorgasbord of lasagna, pork of some kind, and parmesan-stuffed grilled tomatoes.  The lasagna was delish.  I may have had more than one bite.

While we waited to catch the train back to Lauterbrunnen, we stopped in a little cafe for some hot beverages.  We talked about how nice European cafes are – they’re all so unique and have so much character.  They’re not Starbucks.

Before taking the gondola back up from Lauterbrunnen to Murren, Matt wanted to take a few more shots of one of the waterfalls that we had seen the day before while walking through the valley.  Photo Phil in full-effect.

Please note someone's dinner in the colored cages in the background.

 Again, when we got back to Murren and walked back to our hotel, we got a glimpse of what was hiding behind those clouds. 

...little did we know what a treat we were in for...

  We were very excited; we were confident it was going to clear up for us for our morning hike on Monday. 

 I went to the town’s only Laundromat while Matt cruised around town to take more pictures.   We then went back to our hotel’s restaurant (there weren’t many places to choose from, but we weren’t complaining about returning to the restaurant from the first night).  We shared a green salad which had all sorts of stuff in it, including a curried corn (gotta look up this recipe and make it when we get home).

Curried corn? Yes, please!

 Matt had a veal stuffed puff pastry (though later he swore it was chicken)

 and I had risotto boletos (mushroom).  Not for nothin’, this risotto tasted exactly like Matt’s homemade mushroom risotto and it was good.  Who needs to go to Europe for some good risotto?  Nice work, Mateo.

 Being the old-folgies that we are (not that there is much going on in Murren after, oh, I don’t know, 4 pm), we packed and prepared for the hike in the morning.  We wanted to get going early so that we could get back at a decent time to head to our next destination:  Luzern!!


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