The Hills Are Alive…But We Can’t See Them


Day 1 14.5.2010  


 We arrived at the Zurich airport at 11 am, and took the 12:40 pm train to Lauterbrunnen.  The Swiss rail system met our expectations –  everything was so timely and smooth!  At Lauterbrunnen, we took the gondola up to our hotel in Murren.  As we headed up, it started to rain.  

Just get us to the hotel! My sherpa, Matt...


We arrived at Hotel Alpenruh at approximately 4 pm.     

Entrance to our quaint hotel

Entrance to our quaint hotel

We checked in , and went for a short walk before heading back to the hotel for dinner.  In the meantime, it started to SNOW!  Everything went from green to a complete winter wonderland.  


We had a delicious dinner in the hotel restaurant.  Matt had duck in a pumpkin compote and rosti(a traditional potato dish), which he thoroughly enjoyed.  I had a white and green asparagus salad with jumbo shrimp – not something I would have expected to get in the mountains of Switzerland, but Oh. My. Goodness.  Was it delicious!  
We hit the hay pretty early due to our red eye flight the night before and major jet lag, and…  

Day 2 15.5.2010  

Slept in pretty late today!  I’d say we got about 12 hours of much needed sleep.  This was okay, since it was still snowing when we woke up and the fog left little in the way of views.  Thank goodness we brought all of our winter gear and lots of layers.  We decided to take the steep trek down to Schilthornbahn, and walk through the valley to Lauterbrunnen.  Despite thick fog and lack of views, it was still pretty breathtaking.  There were huge waterfalls all along the trip down and throughout the valley.  Everywhere we turned, another waterfall!  Seriously, we were in awe that this is someone’s backyard, frontyard, everywhere you turn-yard.   


One of MANY falls


On our way down…



Evidence of a fall I had during a photo shoot of Matt. The ground was slippery! This photo was a surprise later on. Note: the camera, being top priority, was saved, and I walked away with just a grass stain on my knee.


We also saw plenty of cows,  

Not a bad life

Need more cowbell...

sheep (see pic of waterfall above), and one lonely wild goat.  

We scared the crap out of the poor guy.

  The entire trip was approximately 3.5 hours.  We stopped for lunch at Hotel Oberland in the adorable town of Lauterbrunnen.  Lunch was FONDUE.  9 words:  We’re buying a fondue pot when we get home.  🙂  

Bubbling cheese...I know you're jealous

Traditional bread and potatoes for dipping

Fondue add-ins: chives, onions, cumin, garlic, pepper, and mushrooms.

Anyone who knows me, knows I was in heaven.

...didn't stand a chance!!

Matt enjoyed two large beers  

Do you think he was excited?

and I had two glasses of Fendent wine.  Darn, I didn’t get the name of it, but it was a local white wine (according to  Fendant (fahn-dahn) is A popular white wine and grape in Switzerland. As is the case for so many wines that are light and fresh, it is often best enjoyed locally. Elsewhere in Switzerland the grape is known as Dorin, and in France is is called Chasselas.); it paired extremely well with the fondue, just as our server suggested it would.  

We then took the gondola back up to Murren.  It was a long, wet, raw, day, so we took advantage of the sauna at our hotel when we got back.  Our plans to hike UP the mountain tomorrow may be shot since the forecast calls for rain again…so we may head down again and wander through the town of Interlaken.  It’s okay.  In our hearts, we know we are surrounded by amazing views.


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